New layout concept

It became clear that the layout of the application was a limiting factor for future growth. Feedback from clients was that it had large, unused areas that were seen as inefficient. Some clients even described the app as looking 'unfinished'.

To address this issue I went back to basics and sought to properly understand the problems the sales traders faced and the environment they operated in.

This new discovery phase started with a workshop to map out the common groups of people and operating models of the banks we were targeting.

In this picture each box represents physical proximity and inside is descriptions of different departments and their functions.

Next we took a series of case studies and plotted the workflows through the departments with string.

The next workshop was to take this knowledge and report it to the product owners and together work though some conceptual new layouts. We concluded that the product layout needed to be far more flexible to meet the needs of the different groups of people and also focus on what features were available at the time rather than leaving spaces for components far ahead on the roadmap.

Open the prototype layout

After leaving Caplin I went to work on another trading platform at Citi bank.


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